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Content of your box:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Safety Instructions
  • Björk Air Purifier
  • AC Adapter 220VAC to 12VDC
  • 220V AC cable

Safety Instructions

Nanopas- revolutionary technology in Björk pronounced as be-york takes advantage of electrostatic fields to draw pollutants and nanoparticles out of the ad. Since most of the particles naturally Nve a positive charge. they can be attracted by a negatively charged electrostatic field, The purifier unit can capture upto 93{a33bacadca4c0f94245d5ffa6e1437badbe43c99df42b810732566cd9ca19927} of particles within 12-15 sq/m ( > 20 nanometres) using minimal electricity of 300mW.

Björk is the most energy-efficient air purifier in the market and is completely maintenance-free. hazardous particles are drawn from the air and collect.

The product has the ability to capture Pollen Mold Spores. Oust lanes. Mown. Allergens. Viruses Cement Dust. fly Ash oil smoke. smog. Tobacco Smoke. Soot and Gaseous Contaminants

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